MUSIC REVIEW! On A Scale Of 1-10, How Will You Rate Wizkid’s New Single “No Stress”?

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Will You Rate Wizkid’s New Single “No Stress”?

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Will You Rate Wizkid’s New Single “No Stress”?

Wizkid’s new jam, No Stress is an infectious, romantic single that’s soothing immediately at first listen.

When Wizkid’s long-awaited first single for the year, Smile was released, there was so much anticipation for it.

Been out since his last official single, Joro, we’ve heard bits of his new found lyrical excellence on the poorly promoted collective project, Soundman, and on the features, he’s graced.

Smile wasn’t the song we were expecting, however. An uptempo dancehall-inspired tune, it failed to resonate with Nigerians.

Most called the song “mid” as it was crafted far from the chambers of the Afropop anthems we’ve associated with Wizkid.

But on No Stress, there’s a change.

Here Wizkid assumes the usual cool-calm vibe he’s always known for whenever he’s on this smooth-Rnb pedestal. Check back to his features: G Love, Arizona, Electric—the beat template mix of soft percussions and soothing piano melodies always assist Wizkid to deliver at near-perfectness.

And again, he’s in that mode on No Stress, gliding in with his sweet vocals. It’s all about romance here and Wizkid is telling a story about his love interest.

Listen below:-



While we might seem tired of Wizkid talking about love every time, No Stress is a different tempo, and this time Wizkid goes in hard from another angle. From the perspective of steamy, hot sex.

Here it’s more personal, with Wiz leading the way with his experience, throwing in sex lingua: Make you suck, make I fuck.

The lightweight mix of piano melodies and laidback drums P2J has distilled helps Wizkid flow in seamlessly and there’s this energy behind his delivery.

In verse 1: he touches on his lady’s obsession with him and the discourse continues to verse 2, where she speaks of his profound skills on the romantic turf and finally on verse 3, Wiz climaxes with a shout-out to the girls he’s been with.

There’s no flaw whatsoever with Wizkid’s No Stress though many might question his obsession about singing about love all the time.

True. But No Stress is another testament of Wizkid’s lyrical excellence and for sure, No Stress would be on every lover’s lips for long.



From the stable of 47xclusive, we give Wizkid‘s “No Stress”:- 7/10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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On A Scale Of 1-10, How Will You Rate Wizkid’s New Song “No Stress”?

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