DID YOU KNOW?? Tinubu And Family Have Taken Over Lagos Completely (SEE THIS)

Tinubu And Family Have Taken Over Lagos Completely

Tinubu And Family Have Taken Over Lagos Completely

I shake my head whenever I remember that I’m a Nigerian and also living in Lagos

We’re in a country whereby the rich get richer and the poor are becoming more poorer.

Godfatherism has taken over the whole nation and we feel like “everything is cool”. On the real set, is everything cool?

Can you VOTE for anyone of your choice and win without the influence of Godfatherism?

Take a look at this 👇

The above image speaks in Billions, Sade Tinubu whose assets appear to be the lowest (19 billion) in the above image is psychologically an accumulation of more than 10 generations of a man lives.

How long will this end? Is this how it will be forever? Are we working for some people?

Karma is real and revolution might be closer than we assume.

The question I want to ask you all precisely the Lagosians is 👇

How Long Will One Man Run Lagos As His Family Business?

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