DO YOU AGREE?? Hausa Youths Are The Problem Of Nigeria – SEE WHY?

Hausa Youths Are The Problem Of Nigeria

Hausa Youths Are The Problem Of Nigeria

Before you say this writer is tribalistic (which I don’t even care), think about the damage these people have just done to Abuja EndSARS protesters.

Why is it that Hausas are always the ones stressing every move by average Nigerians to correct the wrongs of leadership in this country.

Suffice it to say that Hausas or Fulani are set of people who can easily be bought cheaply by money or mere sweet talk.

That is why someone can gather a massive group of their youths into the bush, convince them to start terrorizing the whole nation based on the belief that “Education is a scam” (Boko Haram).

This Is What Really Happened

In the midst of #ENDSARS protest where Nigerians are demanding for a good policing system in the face of SARS brutality, can you believe that some Hausas and Fulani boys are being paid 1,500 to attack protesters with huge sticks

They even went as far as destroying people’s cars and destroying the properties of protesters as if they are not affected by the poor security condition of this nation.

The question that keeps ringing in the minds of many Nigerians now is, why is it Hausa thugs?

Are there no thugs in Rivers State and Lagos, why are they not used to fight protesters?

See What Someone Said About These Northerners Below:-

These so-called Northerners, their matter tire me and if we continue like this, I am afraid Nigeria might never be better.

Han Han!! Just when we think there is national unity among youths.😒

Guys, What Are Your Thoughts On This?

Do You Agree That Hausas Are The Problem Of Nigeria?

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