DO YOU KNOW! Fela Kuti Is Not A Good Freedom Fighter; He Fought Senselessly, Couldn’t Achieve Anything Till Death (READ THIS)


Fela Kuti Is Not A Good Freedom Fighter; He Fought Senselessly , <a href= Couldn’t Achieve Anything Till Death” width=”547″ height=”684″ />

Fela Kuti Is Not A Good Freedom Fighter; He Fought Senselessly , Couldn’t Achieve Anything Till Death

Fela Kuti wasn’t a good freedom fighter. He fought senselessly and couldn’t achieve anything till death. If he had applied wisdom while battling with the federal government back then , there wouldn’t be END SARS Protest today.

Another aimless freedom fighter is Omoyele Sowore. The self-acclaimed journalist , blogger , and Revolutionist is only fighting for himself and not for the interest of the people. There’s no difference between him and the rest Politicians in Nigeria. That’s by the way.

Why Fela couldn’t achieve anything till death is this. He was an Africanist not a nationalist and it’s very difficult for an Africanist to achieve anything because no one cares about them outside their home country.

In fact , some of the problems we are facing today were been introduced by Africanists. They want to control Africa instead of their nationality and Fela is one of them.

Charity begins at home. Fela didn’t build at home , that’s why he kept falling until he died. The only thing he could achieve was Afro Beat , nothing more. And I appreciate him for that.

He smokes irresponsibly , always half-naked on national TV , womanizes , etc. Such a person cannot achieve anything. If Martins Luther King Jr did the same thing , he wouldn’t achieve anything equally.

Do your own research on Fela , s struggle while alive and you will agree with me that he fought senselessly and not a good freedom fighter. I drop pen here.✍🏿

You May Agree or Disagree.

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