PLEASE GUYS!!! It’s High Time We Stopped This #ENDSARS Protest, Before the whole matter gets dangerous – (See Why)

It’s High Time We Stopped This #ENDSARS Protest, Before the whole matter gets dangerous

It’s High Time We Stopped This #ENDSARS Protest Before the whole matter gets dangerous

Guys!!! In case you’re reading this, kindly share with as many people as possible – Cause we need to stop this protest now.

Some sects of fully funded thugs have started hijacking the #ENDSARS Protest in some part of the nation, and thus deviating the protest from it’s the rightful cause.

I learned the Protest at Alausa Ikeja too was also hijacked today, and the thugs inflicted some serious injury on the peaceful protesters and also damaged so many properties.

Now, the only thing in the mind of the not-so-happy government is the introduction of armed men to stop the protest as it is no longer a peaceful protest.

These thugs are certainly not doing whatever they’re doing out of their own want, they surely paid for it, so as the government can have every right to put a stop to our protest.

Guys! I believe our demands have been heard, and the government won’t dare F*ck with this generation again, so let’s allow them to have their way.

Like Davido said in FEM!:-

“Before the matter get serious, before the whole matter gets dangerous, we need to make sure we didn’t do too much”

The protest should stop and let every facet of the government to carry out their daily activities.

Cause we’ve put all their shits on hold for days continuously and they’ve known what this “Phone-Pressing” generation is capable of doing.

The SARS has been scrapped, we’ve tendered a 5 points agenda on how other units of the Police should treat us and should be treated.

We Won this time, so let’s take our victory away peacefully before these thugs made us pay for it with something we won’t stop regretting.


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