EP REVIEW!! Zinoleesky – Chrome Eccentric, Who Else Agrees It Wasn’t An Underground Body of Work?

Zinoleesky – Chrome Eccentric, Who Else Agrees It Wasn’t An Underground Body of Work?

Zinoleesky – Chrome Eccentric, Who Else Agrees It Wasn’t An Underground Body of Work?

It will be deemed significant to be talking about a Marlian Record’s signee’s body of work (Zinoleeksy – Chrome Eccentric) exactly a year after the President flagged off the label.

Zinoleeksy has always had a familiar ring with us from his days of posting freestyle videos on Instagram, the next best thing to happen to him was getting signed to a record label where he fits in and the world watched his transformation from there.

Opportunity met Zino’s preparation by being allied with Naira Marley about this time last year and it was also a test on his consistency in disguise.

There seemed not to be any doubt about his productivity but he really needed to show what he’s got.

It was easy to insinuate that Zinoleesky may take the trend of assisted tracks by Naira Marley as he did on his debut single off the label, Caro, till months later when he singlehandedly released Mapariwo.

Anybody with barely any expectation from talents that emerged from the trenches will have a change of heart from Zino’s sojourn.

The end of a whole career year was approaching for every individual from different walks of life when Chrome Eccentric EP was released.

If you’ve not listened to the EP yet, see below👇


We were going to make do with just a couple of singles he managed to drop before proven otherwise. That was a bold move, now let’s talk about it:

Zinoleesky – Chrome Eccentric EP Review

Eccentric Chrome is a 6-tracker EP and the debut body of work by the Headies “Rookie Artist of the Year” nominee. This only goes to show his strength and tenacity in the industry in such a short time.

“I did this for the people that had faith in me from day one till date and every other person that supports my sound.”

Working with Rexxie would be highly predicted on this project.

He made sure to do one thing, which was staying trendy. This is the point where fresh singers usually get to show their real genre, so this is his maybe.

This Extended Playwork is a well-nourished version of his street freestyle tracks from his struggling days.

It is amazing to find out that there’s a future in those unmastered songs – that’s what we have as some super cool tunes today on the EP.

He obviously tried to express himself with different melodies on this EP. 

Let’s hear from you👇

Zinoleesky – Chrome Eccentric EP, Do You Agree That It Wasn’t An Underground Body of Work?

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