Can Nigerian Artistes Ever Win A Grammy Without International Assistance? (A MUST READ)


Can Nigerian Artistes Ever Win A Grammy Without International Assistance?

Can Nigerian Artistes Ever Win A Grammy Without International Assistance?

I do not know about you, but I still smile with pride when I think about what Burna & Wizzy did for us.

Thanks to them, see our shoulders disrupting airplane movement when we are around other African music acts.

Anyone who underrates this achievement needs a drainage system for bad blood.

Speaking of which, I was also proud of the brotherly support other music acts gave our winners. It takes maturity to do that & mean it because human nature would rather lean towards envy.

As I thought about it, I flashed passed a weird reason why bringing home the Grammy can be a little bit more spectacular.

Here’s the window I saw 👇

King Sunny Ade Got Nigeria The 1st Grammy Invite Because He Worked With Foreign Talents

Every single time we have been invited to the Grammy table, we were in the midst of a very heavy & significant Hollywood company.

Go as way back to our 1st invite as a Nominee. It was 1984, the Category was then called “Best Ethnic or Traditional Folk Recording.”

For the album “Synchro system” by King Sunny Ade. Produced by globally renowned Martin Meissonnier while the King was officially signed on to Island records.

The album had made #91 on the billboard top 100 & the album before this, had Steven Wonder on a track called Ase. KSA’s Hollywood connect was top notch.

Wizkid Grammy Experience Happened Because Of Foreign Attachment

The 1st time Wizkid got a Grammy

nomination, he was riding on affiliation to Drake. The album: ‘Veiws‘ if I recall correctly, was up for Album of the year in 2016

His 2nd coming to the table wasn’t without John the Baptist either. This time it was Beyonce who went ahead of our brown skin star boy.

As a fan of Wizzy, it is hard for me to conclude that these two efforts were the best thing he has done in over 10 years, considering that he has had 33 music videos, 44 singles, 4 studio albums, 16 guest appearances, 7 covers and freestyles.

Yet only the Hollywood attachments could get him a seat at the Grammy table.

Burna Boy Didn’t Win Grammy All Alone Too

Can Nigerian Artistes Ever Win A Grammy Without International Assistance?

In Burna‘s case. Thinking of the Hollywood influence, all I can say is “Wawu!”.

Where do I start from? Puff Daddy as Co-executive producer? Timbaland & DJDS as Producers? A “Naughty by Nature” feature, the contribution of English singer song writer, instrumentalist, and recorded producer Chris Martin?

The feel of British rapper Stormzy? American songwriter, record producer Mario Winans? Or Hollywood superstar sound engineer Mike Dean who has worked for Kanye, 2pac, 2chains & Jay z?

Not to mention solid permits to use samples ranging from Tpains “Am sprung” to Sade Adu‘s “Sweetest Taboo” all propelled by the PR machinery of Atlantic & Warner Music.

Was 9ice Over-Dreaming When He Said He Will Bring Home Grammy?

Can Nigerian Artistes Ever Win A Grammy Without International Assistance?

You would just be fishing for trouble if you read this to mean they couldn’t get there without Hollywood‘s help.

Infact, my point is the exact opposite. The talent in these ones and more Nigerian acts not-nominated has done more than enough to get Grammys without Hollywood influence.

9ice was not overreaching himself when he dared to dream that he would bring home the Grammy with ID Cabasa and Alapomeji Records by his side.

And I pray to live and see that day when we would claim these awards with 100% homegrown productions, writing, engineering, singing, and promotion. With Music & someday Movies and Fashion.

That would say that our talents have not just come of age, but have been given due recognition.

Let us get to that day 1st then we can start looking for the day when we would also be free of the mass market box.

The day when…..” and the Grammy nominees for best R&B single are John Legend, Praiz, SZA, Simi and Jazmine Sullivan”

That would be the day. That would be spectacular. Till then, we are still standing Twice as Tall.

Guys, Do You Think A Nigerian Artiste Can Ever Win Grammy Alone Without International Help?

Let’s hear from you

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Written By:- Emma Ugolee

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