MUSIC REVIEW!! Is Olamide’s New Single “Rock” A Hit Or Just Another Average Song?


Is Olamide’s New Single “Rock” A Hit Or Just Another Average Song?

Is Olamide’s New Single “Rock” A Hit Or Just Another Average Song?

Baddo is officially back with new music, as he gears for the release of his 9th studio album, “UY Scuti.”

This is coming less than a year after the release of his critically acclaimed and commercially successful album, “Carpe Diem.

It appears Olamide will strive to continue his one album every year tradition, even though he has faltered in recent times.

The new song is called “Rock” and for one, it sounds like Olamide has not stopped riding the waves of the calm afrobeat vibes he was on, on “Carpe Diem.” He sings to his love interest, telling her to let them just “chill like ice water” because he doesn’t know how to “gbe body.”

“Rock” is like some songs on Carpe Diem, but not quite. It is as calm as “At Your Service,” a song that grabbed attention last summer when the album dropped.

But it also has the lyricism that Olamide exuded on “Green Light.” The rhyme scheme on Rock, also sounds familiar; it’s the kind that is on songs like “Eru


The instrumental is different, of course, but the style is definitely familiar, which means Olamide is feeling comfortable doing these vibes already.

He also didn’t rap on “Rock” at all. Recall that his first single off Carpe Diem was also “Eru,” a non-rap song that got a little backlash at first. Well, Olamide is treading those same waters again.

Except for this time, there won’t be any backlash, because “Rock” is perfect. Olamide might have just made his best Afrobeats song of all time. Possible contender of Song of the Year, if it performs commercially (and it should!)

Olamide is an OG and he has been for a long time, but with this new single, Baddo‘s Afrobeats campaign that essentially signifies a total switch from hip-hop to more commercial sounds has started. A total paradigm shift!

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