MUSIC REVIEW! Is Starboy Terri’s “Money” With Bella Shmurda – A Hit or An Unimpressive Song?


Is Starboy Terri’s “Money” With Bella Shmurda - A Hit or An Unimpressive Song?

Is Starboy Terri’s “Money” With Bella Shmurda – A Hit or An Unimpressive Song?

After his “Afroseries” EP, there’s been pressure on Starboy’s Terri to deliver more content, as the time is going by quickly on him.

Because, let’s cut the crap, the only reason Terri is where he is today, is because of his deal with WizKid‘s Starboy.

He’s talented all right, everyone knows that. But he’s not Wizkid level, musically. That’s understandable, of course. He’s a new kid and he should be given time to improve.

But in the music industry, three years is a mighty long time. And it’s been three years since Terri first wowed us with his part on the monster hit “Soco.”

He went on to deliver some very impressive singles, and his EP, released about a year ago, was also a success. His song “Ojoro” even became a hit around that time.

But he has to do more. All he’s done is not nearly enough, and the pressure is on him already. He has to deliver.

His new single, “Money” though, I wouldn’t call that delivering. I don’t even know who okayed this song for release, because it’s sub-par, and I’m just being modest.

First of all, the song is wrong. Terri would do fine on this instrumental, yes, but he couldn’t do anything special with it, no matter how much he tried.

Then the features too? All wrong. Everyone wants to feature Bella Shmurda

now, and rightly so, Bella has vibes. But the “Vision 2020” singer isn’t always on his A-game.

In fact, in the past couple of months, Bella Shmurda has been a lot less impressive than he was during his “Cash App” peak — which isn’t that much long ago, anyway.

Last month, he did “Jackpot” with Crayon, and the song, although good, wasn’t really up to the standard of a regular Bella Shmurda hit.

This Terri track, “Money” continues Bella‘s unimpressive streak, and it can really get awful from here.

There was really no need for Mohbad on this song too. Why Mohbad anyway? Let’s say you want a rapper on your track, alongside Bella Shmurda, in 2021, why would you go for Mohbad?

All around, the song shows that much thought put into the process of making it, and for someone like Terri who has a lot to prove, that is not good.

Listen below:-


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