DO YOU AGREE? If Not For Yahoo Boys, Artists Like Bella Shmurda And Seyi Vibez Won’t Be Popular


If Not For Yahoo Boys, Artists Like Bella Shmurda And Seyi Vibez Won’t Be Popular

If Not For Yahoo Boys, Artists Like Bella Shmurda And Seyi Vibez Won’t Be Popular

The average Nigerian music listener doesn’t even want to listen to street music or stories about hustle. What

Nigerian fans really wanna hear are songs about ladies whining their waist and dancing, and love.

Point is, for many years, this is how it has been. The emergence of artists like WizKid, Wandecoal, in the early 2000s totally shifted the musical appeal of the fans to sounds.

First, it was the South African House-influenced Afro-pop, and later it was the alkayida sound from Ghana, popular around 2017.

Now, we’ve got what is called afro-fusion, and this is the coolest our music has been in a long time. It’s a rampage, and who are the artists that are killing it? Artists with vibes heavily influenced by people like WizKid. Rema, Omah Lay, Buju, Oxlade, etc.

The Street Take-Over

But somehow, lately, there is this breed of the guys from the streets who have taken over the music industry.

Just last year saw the emergence of Zinoleesky, Jamopyper, Bella Shmurda, Mohbad, Seyi Vibez and they are certa inly killing it.


Their music penetrated so much that people thought Bella Shmurda was going to win the Next Rated award over Omah Lay. It was like the 2015 Lil Kesh-Reekado Banks situation all over again, except this time, no one was fighting.

But if the average Nigerian music audience isn’t interested in street music like that, why are artists like Bella Shmurda popular? What could it be?

Why Are They So Popular?

I, for one, think it’s simple. Who listens to these guys the most? Who wakes up in the morning and puts a Seyi Vibez record on blast? Hustlers. And who are these “hustlers” these days? Scammers, aka, yahoo boys.

Look around you, there are so many of them these days. If not, how would a song like “Cash App” with all the scam references on it, go mainstream? How will Seyi Vibez have millions of streams he has on AudioMack?

Will Bella still have fans if there are no yahoo boys out there? Of course, just not as much as he does now.

He’d definitely not have this many hits, because even from his first song, “Vision 2020,” he’s always referenced cyber fraud and the people he’s singing for relating with that. That’s why he’s even as big as he is.

I don’t care if it’s good or not. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what I think. Long as the music industry continues to thrive.

Anyway, let’s hear what you think.

If Not For Yahoo Boys, Do You Think Artists Like Bella Shmurda and Seyi Vibez Will Be Popular?

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