DO YOU AGREE? Rema Is More Successful Than Olamide Internationally


Rema Is More Successful Than Olamide Internationally

Rema Is More Successful Than Olamide Internationally

On Twitter right now, what’s going on is a dirty fight between Wizkid fans and Olamide fans.

This issue started when fans of Baddo, also called YBNL Mafians, started throwing shades at Wizkid and WizKid FC, earlier this week. It has now escalated to a point of no return.

It’s just pure savagery and the bants have become very offensive, at this point.

Anyway, one Wizkid FC has raised a very solid point that people are now debating online, and it’s only right that we bring it here.

In the savage tweet, the Twitter user said:

Olamide in his 11 years in the music industry has no reputable chart to his name, no successful intl collab, Rema in 2 years has both.
His music journey has been drop album yearly, make MTV and sound city top 10 , rinse and repeat

Basically, if we analyze what he said, we can’t say he’s wrong.

Because truly, Baddo hasn’t really done any international collaboration that has been a hit and in his decade-long illustrious career, he’s only done it locally.

But of course, that doesn’t mean Olamide hasn’t had appearances outside of Nigeria.


He’s made songs with Wale and Skepta, and has done shows abroad. He’s also charted on the Billboard World Albums four times (more times than any other artist).

All of these feats are nothing compared to what artists like Davido and WizKid have achieved internationally.

And this is what has subjected the “Eyan Mayweather” rapper to this form of ridicule.

To be clear, this is in no way a comparison of Rema’s prowess or talent with Olamide’s. It’s also not about who’s bigger here, or who the people love most. Definitely not.

Olamide is obviously miles ahead and is not even in the same league as Rema.

But is it true that Rema now has more influence overseas than Baddo? Seeing as Rema has charted and he’s done very successful international collaborations, both in the UK and US.

Let’s hear from you.

Do You Agree That Rema Is More Successful Than Olamide Internationally?

Drop a comment.

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