LET’S TALK!!! Can Ladipoe Become Nigeria’s Biggest Rapper?


Can Ladipoe Become Nigeria’s Biggest Rapper?

Can Ladipoe Become Nigeria’s Biggest Rapper?

It’s taken quite some time, but Ladipoe has slowly and steadily risen among the ranks, all the way to the top.

For someone who came up as an underground hardcore rapper primarily doing stuff with alternative artists, Ladipoe has a good number of hits under his belt.

No doubt, he’s got the juice and the sauce. That’s why Don Jazzy signed him to Mavin Records, of course. But that was a long time ago.

The Ladipoe-Mavin link up, at the time it happened, looked like an anomaly. What was Don Jazzy going to do with a rapper? Convert him into some kind of singer? Well, if that was the plan, it obviously couldn’t have worked with Poe.

Ladipoe is a rapper to the core, and he reps the hip-hop culture at every turn. He simply is one of the best guys doing the rap thing in the industry. He’s been on songs with other rappers, been a guest on the Hennessy Cyphers, and have, like some would say, paid his dues.

But now he’s a Mavin, it was time to get out there and show the world he can do something more.

His first foray into the mainstream was with “Lemme Know,” a trap song that had Teni on the remix version. Teni‘s influence is wide, and it helped push the song. The song was as big as a regular hip-hop track could be.


But that wasn’t it. Ladipoe wasn’t done just yet. He linked up with Simi and made one of the better hits of 2020, “Know You.” The hit came at the right time, shortly before the whole place became over-saturated last year.

While that was a big one, and a real mainstream hit, his big moment, in fact, has just come. This is after his song with Buju, “Feeling” was released weeks ago.

Feelings‘ went number one on the charts straight, giving Ladipoe an even bigger hit as a follow-up to “Know You.” This might be Buju‘s Midas touch working for Ladipoe, or it could just be a stroke of luck or Don Jazzy‘s tactics.

Whatever it is, though, one thing is sure. This is Ladipoe‘s time, and with the right songs at the right time, there’s no telling how big this guy could become.

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