LET’S TALK!! Is Vector tha Viper Still Relevant In The Music Industry?


Is Vector tha Viper Still Relevant In The Music Industry?

Is Vector tha Viper Still Relevant In The Music Industry?

If their reconciliation has shown us anything, it is the fact that there never was a Vector vs M.I Abaga.

Even though there were a lot of diss tracks and calling out, and it looked like there really was bad blood between the two OG’s, all of that doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters in the industry for veterans, is a battle for relevance. It’s a constant. Appears to be clearer and clearer that in the music industry, once you get old, you’re screwed.

But what’s a man like Vector to do when he still got vibes in him, and possibly, a couple more decades to walk the earth? He’s just gotta do his thing, however, he can. That’s why the beef with M.I Abaga was just what it was; leverage!

Now when Vector puts out an album, or a mixtape, or a new single for that matter, what is he banking on? I mean why does anyone have to keep listening to him when there’s Blaqbonez and Ladipoe? Do we have to just listen to his material because he’s Vector?

Hip-hop Is Dead!

Is Vector tha Viper Still Relevant In The Music Industry?

It is not a new thing that rap music in Nigeria is kind of a dead-end. So should an artist choose to go down that part, he’s in for a long lonely journey that will most likely end in failure.

But Vector came, saw it all, and conquered the game. In a music industry where hip-hop has struggled to survive for more than a decade, Vector tha Viper

is an example of what a rap artist can aspire to be, purely based on merit.

That means, if all you have is hard work and hard bars, Vector is as real as it gets around here. No bid budget, no major label, in fact, nothing like ‘luck’. Vector represents the deep part of the industry and he remains relevant for that.

Who Is Vector?

VEC rose to prominence under his former label, YSG Entertainment, and was big on the streets, about a decade ago. In 2010, he put out his debut album, “State of Surprise” and followed up with “The Second Coming” in 2012. By 2014, he’d split up with YSG and gone to be on his own.

His big break came shortly after, when “King Kong” became a major hit and one of the hottest rap songs in 2015. The remix, which featured Phyno, Reminisce, and others, is arguably the biggest hip-hop collaboration of the decade.

He went on to release “Lafiaji” his most commercially successful album to date. His 2016 hit “Adurah” was from the album.

Vibes Before Teslim” might be his best project yet, but the 36-year-old is still making moves. Earlier this year, he released “Early Momo,” a song that is one of the best songs of 2020 so far.

Let’s hear from you.

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