LET’S TALK!! Reminisce’s New Single With Olamide, “Omo x 100” – A Hit Or Another Average Song?


Reminisce’s New Single With Olamide, “Omo” – A Hit Or Another Average Song?

Reminisce’s New Single With Olamide, “Omo x 100” – A Hit Or Another Average Song?

In the rap game, Reminisce is an OG. What more to say? He’s been here before the days of IG, and he’s paid his dues.

In a few weeks from now, we’re gonna get his fifth studio album, a follow-up to his last release “El Hadj,” which came about five years ago.

The thing about what Reminisce does is that he cannot be boxed. He’s a rapper, he flows in Yoruba, pidgin, English, whatever he has to do, he can sing and vibe with some autotune; he’s a complete entertainer.

That’s why his music is something else. And when he drops it, you must listen. That’s just Reminisce, in a nutshell. OG has done it all.

But his “Vibes & Insha Allah” EP of 2020 was particularly underwhelming. I mean, the vibes are okay, they’re just classic Reminisce on some funny beats. He made a hit around that time, “Ogaranya” with Fireboy. It wasn’t enough.

While Reminisce‘s relevance will always be apparent to the hip-hop culture and the music industry overall, his influence has dwindled and he needed to put out something solid if he’s to be taken seriously again. The forthcoming album is expected to be solid.

All things being equal, it’s only right that he starts the album with a track like “Omo x100.”

Alaga has never been one to be economical about the collabos. He’s featured every artist worth featuring in the industry, from Wizkid to Davido, to Burna Boy

. His strategy has always been aggregated hype. Put six big artists on your album, it’s definitely going to bang. It’s that simple. Reminisce has been doing it from day one.

The decision to do something with Olamide for the new album is definitely not a bad one at all. Olamide is the latest pop star in town, with the recent release of “UY Scuti.” The hype is there, and Reminisce needs that.

“Omo x100” has Olamide just saying “omo” like one hundred times for real, and the fact that that’s all he did on the track is interesting because it’s enough actually. Reminisce‘s verses have him talking about what he’s been up to since his last album. His foray into Nollywood is one he will never stop talking about if he gets the chance.

“Omo x100” is a mad hip-hop tune. It’s even going to sound better as an album intro. It won’t be a big hit or anything, but it’s an important moment for both Reminisce and the industry because if there’s a return of Alaga, this would be the starting point.

Listen below:-


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