MUSIC REVIEW!! L.A.X’s New Single With Davido, “Pepe” — A Hit or Miss?


L.A.X’s New Single With Davido, “Pepe” — A Hit or Miss?

L.A.X’s New Single With Davido, “Pepe” — A Hit or Miss?

L.A.X started his career as a WizKid protege back in 2014, he made a couple of hits and left.

Now every day it’s like the “Ginger” singer continues to try to go as farther as he can from the WizKid shadow he’s been under for such a long time.

I can imagine it won’t be easy for you as an artist if your biggest song ever was the one you did with your former label, about seven years ago.

In those seven years, L.A.X has dropped two albums, the last of which came last year. The “ZaZa Vibes” album documents L.A.X’s efforts and showed us that maybe he isn’t just going to go away, after all.

With a mild hit like “Go Low” too, L.A definitely shows some promise. Maybe.

Just maybe, if he could get the right song at the right time, he would make an international smash hit and attain a status that will bring the relevance he never had to him.

That’s some tough luck though.

The last time he tried making a hit with WizKid, the song went under the radar faster than any other WizKid collab.

Unlike so many other people who have been paired with Wiz, the excitement just isn’t there for L.A.X anymore. He knew, and he moved on.

He moved on from WizKid to Davido. Not the worst of moves if you ask me, considering OBO has been on a roll when it comes to collaborations in the past two years. He’s been killing it.

Maybe Davido is just what he needs to get that momentum back.

If “Pepe” the new single that came from that union is anything to go by though, then no, this isn’t what L.A.X needs. The song is too basic, too average, and too lifeless to become a hit single.

L.A.X will have to try again because this one won’t help him get the relevance he’s looking for. I mean, there’s always a few options he could consider. Bella Shmurda? Who knows.

Although, I must say, “Pepe” is still worth checking out, because it’s a vibe that could catch up if given some rigorous form of promo.

Listen below:-


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