Olamide Should Stop Featuring Phyno On His Albums – Do You Agree?


Olamide Should Stop Featuring Phyno On His Albums

Olamide Should Stop Featuring Phyno On His Albums

Olamide and Phyno first collaborated on “Ghost Mode” in 2012. Since then, they’ve done hits together, they’ve made an album together, and done everything. Maybe it’s time to move on?

Truly, that “2 Kings” era was something the industry needed. It was a time when people looked down on indigenous hip-hop in Nigeria.

The link-up between Phyno didn’t just change that situation, it also gave them essential hits that are part of what they are known for today.

Linking up in 2012 for “Ghost Mode,” a song that later made it to Phyno‘s 2014 debut album, Olamide and Phyno rapped their hearts out and made a mega rap hit that was all over the place.

They later teamed up for “Dope Money” a cut on Olamide‘s classic “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth.” A year after, they did the joint album, “2 Kings” and made history.

Since 2012, they’ve been on some thirty-three songs together. Yes, that’s 33! Olamide has put him on all of his albums since then, except “Eyan Mayweather

” and Olamide being on all of Phyno’s albums. That’s a lot if you ask me.

The problem isn’t that they have that many songs together, no. The problem is that we’ve heard the Olamide x Phyno thing so much, everything they do now sounds mid. For instance, “On A Must Buzz” was totally unnecessary; it was just a remake of jams like “Augment.” We didn’t need “Onyeoma” too when there’s “Fada Fada.”

Phyno was on “999,” and although he was okay on it, it wasn’t needed. The kids should have just done their thing. Same as on “Carpe Diem.” And now, “UY Scuti,” there was no reason Phyno was on this one for real. It doesn’t make the album better.

Truth is, the combo is tired already. Maybe they should just do freestyles together, but those songs should never make it to Olamide‘s albums. It’s totally unnecessary, at this point.

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Should The Phyno x Olamide Collaboration Continue Or Not?

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