Do You Know?? Hushpuppi Is Not Different From Deadly Armed Robbers (SEE WHY)


Hushpuppi Is Not Different From Deadly Armed Robbers

Hushpuppi Is Not Different From Deadly Armed Robbers

Differentiating Hushpuppi and other internet fraudsters from fully armed robbers is what we shouldn’t tolerate if we truly want Nigeria to grow as a country

Nigerians particularly those in the same field as him see nothing wrong in what he’s been doing to the common man.

Hushpuppi like every other criminal deserves to be punished accordingly without sympathy from whatsoever perspective of reasoning.

This article was inspired after reading sad news of;

Gunmen suspected to be armed robbers have invaded Nasarawa State Ministry of Finance, Budget, and Planning in Lafia, and catered away the sum of N100 million. The state’s Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), ASP Ramhan Nansel confirmed the incident.

This brought my attention to the fact that if these robbers were captured, they will be arraigned and mugshot with their arsenals and the news will read

GOOD NEWS!! Armed Robbers captured in an attempt to cart away money from Nasarawa bla bla bla”

So the CALL TO ACTION of the poster/blogger would be GOOD NEWS!! and viewers will be glad to see it as a Good One then rain curses on the culprit.

The money (N100m) they stole is not even as much as what Hushpuppi has stolen.

But why is the case of a fraudster different?

Nigerians are sentimental and as regards, we allow room for nonsense. There should be no sympathy for a fraudster. They are all thieves, are those ‘million dollars’ Hushpuppi laundered his?

It’s now a norm that people on the same field find excuses to defend that. Their general excuse is that “What has Nigeria provided for the youth to survive?”

But when Armed Robbers are brought to book, the phrase “What has Nigeria provided for the youth to survive?” won’t be remembered, it will rather be “even if the country doesn’t provide jobs, there are many things to do rather than hurting a fellow”.

Today, I have understood that venturing into robbing, internet fraudsters, scamming, money laundering is by consecration and not by the country’s situation whatsoever.

Even if a dedicated Yahoo Boy is offered a 100k monthly job, he won’t still stop the scam! So why are G Boys finding excuses to scam and make people go into depression?

The difference between Hushpuppi and the Unknown Armed Robbers is just that the Instagram big boy is not attached to possessing a gun.

In similarity, Hushpuppi has done more bad than the men with guns. Get along with me as I explain below.

1. Economically Hushpuppi is hurting the world than those robbers

He has hacked the COVID-19 fund which was expected to sustain millions of US Citizens during the world pandemic time. How many families do you know that have suffered from his selfish interest?

The worst part is that all the money is just to buy new Royce Rolls, Richard Mille, Luis Vuitton and oppress those that are hustling for real living.

No armed robbers have the capacity to steal from that amount of people. According to common sense, the highest number of victims a group of armed robbers can steal from is fifty.


2. He is a bad influence on society

The dream of every Nigerian is to have that luxurious life Hush has been living not considering what it might take or consequence.

For every Hushpuppi post, there are two things involved. Some set of people go into depression while it makes some people so desperate to attain that kinda life.

Can Armed Robber post lavishly on Instagram and disclose his source of wealth? Though Hushpuppi never declared himself as an Internet Fraudster, we all sakarya escort
know what he does.

So it is clear enough to convince you that no Armed Robber can not influence society at large.

3. Internet Fraudster and Armed Robbers are similarly killers

Anyone on these two fields can go any length to get that money. Yahoo Boys have now been advancing into rituals.

Even after a successful scam, most of their victims go into depression which might cause serious sickness like stroke, brain tumor, others and some of them might commit suicide. Scammers are indirectly involved in their victim’s death and that means there is blood in the money spent.

Why are Nigerians sympathizing with Hushpuppi over what he has done to hurt millions of people?

Nigerians rushing to Hushpuppi’s DM anytime he’s trending to wish him well shows we accommodate fraud and encourage scamming.

When have you sent an encouraging message to an armed robber, kidnapper, or any other criminal after being captured to sympathize with them?

Even the DCP, Abba Kyari who is a representative of Nigerian Police is proud to say he’s a very good friend of an obvious internet fraudster. Hushpuppi that everyone knows his way is not pure.

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A lot of politicians lobbying Hushpuppi is enough to prove that we are in the hands of gullible leaders. How do you want to tackle corruption when you roll with them?

You all will say “he’s scamming the foreigners and not Nigerians” or “Yahoo Boys are collecting back money they owe our forefathers” just to justify their way of crime. We are selfish in this country and that’s why we can never grow as a country. Are those victims not human? Which of your forefather do they owe?

Common, they have blood running in their veins, their death after your selfish interest is a big blow to their family in case you don’t know.

We need to stop seeing internet fraudsters differently the way we portrait deadly armed robbers.

A spade is a spade!

Note that I’m not hating or rejoicing over Hushpuppi’s arrest and I’m not defending armed robbers or any other crime.

Do You Agree? – Hushpuppi Is Not Different From Deadly Armed Robbers

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