LET’S TALK!! Which Nigerian Rapper Can Rap Better Than Nasty C?


Which Nigerian Rapper Can Rap Better Than Nasty C?

Which Nigerian Rapper Can Rap Better Than Nasty C?

When it comes to rappers with good flows, Nasty C is as good as they come.

The South African rapper, who first emerged on the scene as a teenager a couple of years back has been doing this rap thing consistently and has been one of the hottest artists in Africa all the while.

It’s pretty simple. Nasty C‘s appeal is majorly his American-ish accent, which makes every word he says sound slick. He is one of the first to commodify the now-popular trap style in Africa.

He’s released badass projects and has worked with some big artists including Davido, Runtown, T.I, and Rowlene, who he helped make famous.

He is just untouchable, either you’re talking about his craft or you are talking about his popularity and influence in the music industry.


Is There Any Nigerian Rapper That Is Better?

We do have some crazy talented rappers in our music industry, here in Nigeria.

And although Afrobeats is the new cool, there really was a time when everyone was a rapper.

The talent is there, but is it enough? Is there really any rapper that can stand against Nasty C on the best day? Either it’s a rap battle or it’s just a song versus song head-to-head.

Let’s hear from you.

Which Rapper Do You Think Can Rap Better Than The South African?

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