Should Phyno Also Become A Gospel Artiste Like Kcee?


Should Phyno Also Become A Gospel Artiste Like Kcee?

Should Phyno Also Become A Gospel Artiste Like Kcee?

Kcee went from “baby please give me tonight” to “Jehovah idi ebube” in less than ten years.

So far, that might be the biggest pivot and switch any artist has ever made. Especially in recent times, when it is almost impossible to get your relevance back after you’ve lost it.

Kcee didn’t only get his relevance back, he did what is one of the most iconic pivots we’ve ever seen. He went from bonafide pop star to gospel artist, and he didn’t have to be called by God. All he had to do was collaborate with a band, the Okwesili Eze Group, and do this music thing.

Now, Kcee‘s music isn’t just selling, the guy has somehow made a name for himself, and the brand he’s been building since he released his “Eastern Conference” album is finally starting to pay off. He even made a song with Peruzzi a while ago, and people are loving it!

What Should Phyno Do?

Phyno might be just as good Olamide, but it’s evident that when it comes to influence and relevance in the industry, he’s always gonna be a couple of steps behind Baddo. He’s been in the Bariga boy’s shadow for so long and he still isn’t a match for him.


While Olamide has classic albums, Phyno has just one good album and everything else is just as mid as many of his singles. Yes, the “Fada Fada” rapper has his moments and throughout his career, he’s made legendary stuff. But in 2021, how relevant is Phyno to the industry?

He’s definitely never going to make an album as good as “Carpe Diem” or “UY Scuti,” so why bother really? But maybe he has a chance if, like Kcee, he could also pivot and switch up what he’s doing? Maybe.

His latest single, “Bia” produced by Masterkraft is a good sign that if Phyno were to, say, become a gospel artist today, he’d definitely kill it. In the past, he’s also released good gospel cuts like “So Far So Good” and “Fada Fada” from his 2016 album, “The Playmaker.

So what do y’all think?

Should Phyno Ditch Rap And Become A Gospel Artist Or Not?

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