MUSIC REVIEW!! Burna Boy’s “Question” With Don Jazzy, An Average Song With No Direction?


Burna Boy’s “Question” With Don Jazzy, An Average Song With No Direction?

Burna Boy’s “Question” With Don Jazzy, An Average Song With No Direction?

Burna Boy’s career spans over ten years, and in that period, the self-proclaimed African Giant has not made a single bad song.

It takes some god-level of talent to boast of a discography that cuts across genres, has mad critical acclaim, and is insanely successful commercially. Only a few artists of this generation have what Burna has.

But there’s been some skepticism about his post-Twice As Tall era. Well, what can I say? Doubt’s already in the air about whether Burna still has more magic to do, or he has finally burned out. Three albums in four years, well, anyone could burn out like that.

If this is how Burna goes out, he’ll be forever revered as a Legend and one of the bests to ever pick up the mic. But it’s hard for someone like Burna. He’s not like Wizkid or Davido, he’s only been on top for what? Two, three years. That’s not nearly enough. So he’s hungry.

He’s in a new phase. This time, no Grammy’s, no special promotion, no foreign artist co-sign, he’s going to try to grind it out all by himself and return to the basics. To do that, what will he do? Go back and try to do the kind of songs that actually appeals to Nigerians, the kind of songs that made him a Nigerian favorite before there was the international rave that led to “Twice As Tall.”

So far, he’s put out “Kilometre,” an afrobeat banger that just kinda went under the radar. The jam is a bop on the streets and I bet you already know the song word-for-word even if you’ve never played it yourself. It’s contagious, it’s got the vibe. Maybe won’t work as a TAT single, but it’s perfect for what Burna Boy

is bringing.

This new one with Don Jazzy, though. No need to go on and on about it, it’s just average. It’s kind of hard to understand what he’s trying to do with it. Burna is versatile, so he doesn’t really have a “style.” But still, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this is not his style.

You’d think a collaboration with Don Jazzy in 2021 is supposed to be an interesting thing. But all we got is the kind of beat you’d find 2018 Mayorkun jumping on, and a bassy backup vocal from Don Baba J for Burna Boy who already has an equally thick voice. It doesn’t make any sense, from where I stand. Is this going to be on the album? Why? Is he doing something we just can’t understand yet?

I hope to God he knows what he’s doing, though. It’s not so hard to fall off, these days.

Well, what do you think?

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