3 Reasons Wizkid’s Success Has Humbled Davido And Entire 30BG This Year (A MUST READ)


3 Reasons Wizkid’s Success Has Humbled Davido And Entire 30BG This Year

3 Reasons Wizkid’s Success Has Humbled Davido And Entire 30BG This Year

In a typical music year in Nigeria’s music industry, a year doesn’t go without Davido and Wizkid banter or 30BG versus Wizkid FC online scuffles.

This particular year has been way different so far as one party has been very unusually humble and defeated

Davido and the entire 30BG have been very silent while Wizkid is making major moves to the delight of Wizkid FC.

Obviously, Wizkid has raced past Davido with a lot of gaps, it might take Davido a whole year or more to level up.

It is funny how Davido is like Arsenal FC this yearPun intended!!

Meanwhile, we’ve noticed a few of Wizkid’s major moves this year that have humbled Davido and 30BG completely this year.

1. Success Of Made In Lagos Album

Do I need to say again that Davido’sA Better Time” album is a complete failed project compared to Wizkid’s “Made In Lagos“?

Wizkid‘sMade In Lagos” album released last year October 2020 recorded lots of success on local and international charts. In fact, the album did exceptionally well on Billboard Hot 100 and also broke many African Album records.

Made In Lagos” became the first African Album to debut on Spotify Global Album Chart, occupying the top 10 positions for several weeks. The album surpassed 100 million streams across five platforms nine days after release, a rare milestone for Afro-pop artists.

Made In Lagos” also debuted at N0. 15 on the UK Albums Chart with over 4,100 album-equivalent units and no. 80 on the US Billboard 200 with over 10,000 album-equivalent units.

All these are enviable success levels, so it’s normal for Davido and the entire 30BG to stay humble and strive to level up.


2. Wizkid Record-Breaking 02 Arena Sell Out

This year, Wizkid became the first African artiste to sell out London 02 Arena in such an outstanding manner.

Wizkid‘s recently held 02 Arena concert in London got sold out in just 12minutes, even Burna Boy‘s 02 Arena concert wasn’t sold out but instead of him staying humble like 30BG, he came outside trying to convince us that he sold out unfortunately, we saw the empty seats.

That shit ain’t sold out. We will have that conversation here soon.

Meanwhile, Davido and the entire 30BG fans in their church mind know that they can’t meet this Wizkid 02 Arena sold-out record, at least not this year again.

3. Made In Lagos Deluxe On Grammy Way

Made In Lagos” was already a huge success and Wizkid doing a Deluxe version of the album this year has a reason.

Wizkid knew the album is a Grammy Worthy album, so releasing “Made In Lagos Deluxe“ is a smart move in pursuit of a second Grammy Award from his own personal project. A combination of Buju, Justin Bieber on the MIL Deluxe is a great move.

With “Anoti“, “Mood” and “Essence Remix” doing excellently well off the album, Wizkid seems to be the only African artiste close to a Grammy Nomination this year and of course, this is enough to humble Davido and his 30BG fans.

If Wizkid wins Grammy Award, e don finish for 30BG fans on social media be that, if they dare try any Wizkid slander, dem go collect and e go loud gan


Everybody has their own time, this is Wizkid‘s time and he is winning without throwing shades at anybody or bragging about it.

When Davido was winning Big in 2017/2018, he and 30BG fans were all over the place bragging and throwing shades at everyone, especially at Wizkid.

Well, I am sure Davido is a hardworking artist who also likes to brag about successes. From the look of things, he on his drawing board too dotting his “I” and crossing his “T” so as to bounce back to winning ways.

While we wait for what Davido will do next, let’s give it up for Wizkid for what he is doing presently for Afrobeats.


Do You Agree That Wizkid’s Success Has Humbled Davido And The Entire 30BG Fans?

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