MUSIC REVIEW!! Is Falz Really Up To Something With “Body Language”


Falz Body Language”

Is Falz Really Up To Something With “Body Language

Days ago, I wrote about Falz not being able to get a hit and why. But, maybe he has finally come through with one?

Falz is good, so there’s nothing better for the industry and fans than a Falz that’s in his element. No doubt, he is a good guy (no pun intended, actually.) On more than a dozen of occasions, Falz has done things that no one else would naturally have thought of. And he sure has wowed us with it. If Falz is gonna ever have a comeback, it depends on how much of his artistic genius is remaining for sure.

When I heard Falz had a song with Ajebo Hustlers on the way, I knew it was gonna be something. If there was anyone in the industry who could make an Ajebo Hustlers collab a banger, it should be Falz. Sounded like a no-brainer. Falz had that comic relief that comes with his voice, and the concept he cooks up for every one of his songs.

While the Ajebo Hustlers bring two things to the table; a vocalist with a pure South vibe, and a rapper whose flow is just as ‘funny’ as Falz‘s.

Body Language ft. Ajebo Hustlers

Body Language” is afro proper. It’s the kind of jam that relies on the verses as much as the hook. The hook was, of course, delivered by one of the Ajebo Hustlers


In the first verse, Falz and the other half of the duo took turns to rap about a Suzanna. Falz met her at Cubana, the other guy met her in Ghana, but it appears it’s the same girl as she apparently made both of them go crazy.

The most impressive part of the jam is perhaps the second verse where Falz was singing, floating between Blaqbonez and Olamide.

While Falz has done good melodies in the past, on songs like “Loving,” and “Jeje,” this might be his best yet. It means he can decide to just go Olamide on us one of us these days and he’d do it perfectly. Well, that’s some growth, if you ask me.

Body Language” sure got the potential to be a Falz hit. It’s bound to be bigger than his last offering, “Mercy,” for sure and that is a step up if you ask me.

Rating: 7/10

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