MUSIC REVIEW!! Is Joeboy’s “Alcohol” A Hit Or Just Another Rubbish?


Joeboy Alcohol

Is Joeboy’sAlcohol” A Hit Or Just Another Rubbish? 

Let’s just say Joeboy is a different breed and leave it at that. 

The “Beginning” crooner came to the limelight in 2019 when his lover boy songs started to get the attention of listeners across the country. Before we knew it, the guy had a number of hits, was a Headies nominee for Next Rated, and had a commercially successful EP, “Love & Light.” But that was 2019.

2020 came and he was on one of the best singles of the year, “Nobody.” Guess what, it was only January. The song, a DJ Neptune work, also features Mr. Eazi who is responsible for putting Joeboy on through his emPawa initiative since 2019.

Nobody” became a smash, the number one hit in the country, and with that came more pressure for Joeboy to create more impressive stuff. But for a while, he couldn’t. Not that he couldn’t make good songs. As a matter of fact, he could. He’s good enough.

But will Joeboy ever get a song that’s on the level of “Nobody” again? A quick look at the stream numbers will show that even if that’s gonna happen, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen anytime.

Joeboy moved on from the “Nobody” rave as any other good artist would, and started navigating. He started to invest himself in top-notch party-starter bangers and not just cliched love songs that people only play at weddings.

Not too long after, he put out his debut album, “Somewhere Between Beauty & Magic,” and it was a ‘hit’ to say the least. While the LP had some stand-out singles, the album is very much better viewed as a body of work than as a collection of songs.

He released the album earlier this year, he has done some videos, done as much promotion as he could, and now it’s time to move on again. But this time it doesn’t feel like the guy’s moving on at all.



Alcohol,” his latest song comes from the same well he’s been swimming in since before his album. The afro-pop tune taps from elements he’s been experimenting with on songs like “Celebration.”

Alcohol” is not exactly about alcohol. It’s about a young man that doesn’t want to worry anymore, he just wants to enjoy his life, and that’s why he sips his alcohol.

The instrumental is laid-back, as usual. But something about the song is different. Perhaps it’s the shadow in his voice. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before. Personally, I think it’s not needed to make his voice unrecognizable. But it is good for the song.

Alcohol” is not an announcement of a new era for Joeboy. Far from it. He’s still the same guy and depending on how you look at it, that might be either good or bad. It’s good for Joeboy, though.

What he needs is to give himself time to improve before attempting a sophomore. Sort of what Mayorkun did. Take a couple of years off, relax, do some exciting stuff in the industry, collaborations maybe. Who knows? Maybe three years from now he’ll be nominated for Artiste of the Year.

Alcohol” might be just basic, but if Joeboy picks up his momentum from here, this could be something. A good song in my books!

Rating: 7/10

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