MUSIC REVIEW!! Is Qdot’s New Jam, “Breakfast” The Next Big Thing On The Streets?


Qdot - Breakfast

Is Qdot’s New Jam, “Breakfast” The Next Big Thing On The Streets? 

Artistically, Qdot doesn’t really have a lot of flaws.

He’s class. He’s the kind of guy that no matter how many views he gets, or how many streams, he’s still most likely underappreciated for the talent he has. Yeah, he’s that good.

Qdot has been in the industry since the early 2010s thereabouts and he’s been nothing short of impressive. For many years, he focused on doing jams that were heavy on the streets. Like, absolute bangers and smashes!

Last year, though, he released his long-overdue debut album, “Alagbe,” and it was received with generally favorable reviews. The album wasn’t bad at all, and I’m just being modest. Because with the number of bangers on that LP, it was one of the better releases of 2020.

Since then he’s been away. Now he’s finally back. Well, what did he bring for the streets this time? Okay, I could say “a banger” and end this article here. But it’s not that simple. After all, this is a review.

The new jam, “Breakfast” is like a one-take freestyle, though. Not exactly sure about that, but it sure does sound like a freestyle. If someone can freestyle this good, well you know how good that person’s gotta be?


The jam has the kind of afro beat you’d normally find rappers on, and since there’s no chorus really, we could say Qdot was sing-rapping on the jam. He dropped some bars, and his flow was just spectacular.

His command of the Yoruba language continues to impress. You see Qdot might not be 9ice or Brymo, but he’s definitely up there with the best, that’s for sure.

Breakfast” is not really a single, for one. It’s like something to wet the streets, to prepare the streets for what’s coming, something of that sort. It’s a jam really, and don’t be surprised if you find people on the streets banging this one, cause it’s really heavy.

Meanwhile, I’d totally go for a second Qdot album right now. I think I’m ready!

Rating: 8/10

Listen below:-


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