MUSIC REVIEW!! Trod Finally Gets His Olamide Feature — But Is The Song Worth The Hype?


Trod Finally Gets His Olamide Feature — But Is The Song Worth The Hype?

Trod Finally Gets His Olamide Feature — But Is The Song Worth The Hype? 

You look at the number of artists that have the Olamide feature and you think maybe it’s not really that special.

Then you think about the number of artists that don’t have it and you realize perhaps it’s something, after all. Trod was one of those guys that people thought needed Olamide so bad.

Partly cause he was the late Dagrin’s brother and partly because he is an indigenous rapper that had the talent but not the platform.

Trod is good, no doubt. But these days being good just isn’t enough to navigate the industry. You need the connections, the platforms, and the right product — that is, the song.

Trod had good enough products to get where he is today. But is his stuff good enough to take him to an even bigger level?

Shey You Fit Go ft. Olamide

It’s probably a good move to go hip-hop with Olamide because immediately you let him do some vocal stuff on your song, he takes over the song and makes it his own. Sometimes that makes the song better, in the case of Pepenazi. But Trod ain’t no Pepenazi. He has better chances of making something better with a rap record.

Shey You Fit Go” is what you’d call a ‘classic’ rap song. It has all the elements and is reminiscent of the dominant indigenous hip-hop stuff of the early 2010s. The instrumental is half afro, half hip-hop, with an emphasis on the minimalistic piano notes and the kicks.


The beat isn’t too fast, so Trod gets to flow on it really slow. He didn’t have to do all that fast stuff we know he’s very good at. The song has a pre-hook, a hook, and a very catchy chorus that can make a crowd scream. The pattern is very familiar, yet creative.

Olamide put in his A-game on the verse, too. But it wasn’t anything spectacular. It’s not the kind of stuff you’ll hear and you’ll say he killed Trod on the song for sure. It’s all right to prefer the Olamide verse, I mean, but Trod had the better part on the song.

However, this isn’t a rap battle, it’s a song that’s supposed to mean something to the career of a young promising artist with all the talent in the world. Will, this song makes a difference, though?

Trod is still a couple more bangers away from pulling what Jaido P did last year. Olamide is just the right person to give him that wave if he sticks around. “Shey You Fit Go” could really be a good start to something great.

Rating: 7/10

On A Scale Of 1 — 10, What Would You Rate “Shey You Fit Go”?

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