ALBUM REVIEW!! Is Buju’s “Sorry I’m Late” EP Worth The Wait?


Sorry I’m Late EP By Buju

Is Buju’sSorry I’m Late” EP Worth The Wait? 

Sorry I’m Late” is not as eclectic as you’d expect it to be, but it is a beautiful rendition of gloomy pieces that are sometimes hopeful, sometimes feel-good, sometimes just normal but never playful.

Buju is just like every other new artist after all. He’s got the attention of people. And now perhaps a singular opportunity to impress, make a solid impression and create something iconic.

Buju unlike others, though, has taken his time working. So when he bursts out on the first track of the EP, “Daniel Benson“—that’s his real name, by the way—, singing that the boy is not joking, you know that’s the truth. That’s his gospel; his rhythm, melody, and sound are on fire and he doesn’t stop.

He continues to make that statement deep into the second track, “Never Stopped.” He’s never stopped in his life, so tell me why he’s gonna stop now?

He’s not new obviously. He has created hits, he has become a powerhouse and a household name; the single most sought-after artist at the moment. Buju has used the momentum well and whatever wonders this EP does would be the guy just reaping from where he has ostensibly sown.


Tracks like the lovey-dovey “Something Sweet” and the romantic “For Here” demonstrate Buju’s apparent knack for catchy rhythms that can easily become the next big love anthems. The uptempo “Kilometer” and the highlife “Ogechukwu” that features The Cavemen, show his not-so-obvious versatility.

In the end, there are some questions. Why an EP instead of the album we were expecting? No guest except The Cavemen, why? Why drop on a Wednesday night? But these are just questions that don’t inherently add take away or add any value to the project or contribute to its success in any way.

The real question should be, based on this EP, has Buju been able to maximize his obvious talent to create something we’ve never heard before? Or better still something so good we’ll want more? The short answer is yes!

Sorry I’m Late” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Rating: 8/10

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