Is Terri Still A Starboy Artiste Or Wizkid Has Lowkey Dumped Him? – SEE THIS


Is Terri Still A Starboy Artiste Or Wizkid Has Lowkey Dumped Him?

Is Terri Still A Starboy Artiste Or Wizkid Has Lowkey Dumped Him? 

It’s not a new thing for artists to leave their labels and not extend their contracts when their deal is over.

But of recent, what has been the case is that artists don’t let the public know if they’re still on a music outfit. And unless such a label is organized like Mavins or Chocolate City, it’s probably best for the artist to keep it a secret and still continue to benefit from the affiliation.

The latest of such is Terri Starboy, who seems to have left Wizkid‘s Starboy Entertainment for good.

Since there’s hardly any information about his exit anywhere, I’ve taken it upon myself to do a little digging and put the pieces together.

After I lay down the facts, it’s up to you to decide what to believe, because Wizkid is never truly gonna say “oh, Terri’s deal is done and he’s gone.” Let’s start from the very beginning.

How Did Terri End Up At Starboy?

wizkid and terri

Well, the story goes that in 2017, an 18-year-old Lagos boy who had recently gained admission to study Marine Insurance at the prestigious University of Lagos, dropped out of school to face music squarely.

That boy would later become the protege of one of the biggest music acts in Africa, Wizkid.

While it’s not exactly clear if it was this sudden move of dropping out that led to Wizkid’s discovery of his talent, we can at least confirm that these two events happened.

He dropped out of school and met Wizkid or he met Wizkid and dropped out. The chronology isn’t exactly important.

The video that kickstarted the whole thing was a freestyle cover of Terri singing DJ Jimmy Jatt’s “Oshe,” which originally featured Wizkid.

According to Terri himself and some other reliable sources, Mut4y, one-half of the Legendury Beatz production duo was the one who reached to Terri and invited him over for a session. The said session was the session that birthed the monster hit, “Soco.”

“Soco” was released as a Starboy collective in February 2018, just around the time that rumors started to fly that Terri has been signed to Wizkid’s Starboy imprint.

There were rumors in February, and in March too, all fuelled by specific social media posts from Wizkid purportedly “announcing” Terri.

While there are several screenshots of these posts online, the posts themselves have since been deleted.

What I can confirm however is on February 18, 2018, Wizkid tweeted about young Terri Ryn, and on March 28, 2018, he posted a picture on Instagram that claimed Terri just signed his contract.

When Exactly Did Terri Sign His Deal?

wizkid and terri

One thing is sure, if Terri did sign a deal with Wizkid‘s label, it was in 2018. We need to know exactly when he signed this deal to determine when the contract must have expired.

According to Terri in an interview with Punch in 2020, it wasn’t until six months after he recorded “Soco” that he got signed.

So, despite all the posts in February and March, it seems like Terri‘s

actual contract under Starboy didn’t start reading until around June or July of 2018.

This means, if he signed a 2-year deal, that deal must have ended around July 2020.

Has The Contract Actually Ended?

wizkid and terri

Yes. You can tell that Terri is no longer contractually obligated to Wizkid, and even though he still has Starboy in his username and bio, that is only a facade to retain the love of Wizkid FC, who have supported Terri all the way because of their love for Wiz.

There is enough proof to speculate that the contract must have ended around July last year. Recall that Terri released his debut EP, “Afroseries” in May 2020.

Before that EP, Terri released a total of six singles under Starboy Entertainment. You can confirm that by checking the credits for the copyright.

See Screenshots Of The Singles Below:-

bia by terri

Here’s another one, and what they have in common is that they both bear the copyright “© Star Boy Records.”

non stop

Also on YouTube, since the beginning of his career up until this year, his videos always have “© Starboy Entertainment Limited” in the description. And they’re always distributed by Empire.

Check Below For Screenshots:-

terri on me

But suddenly, this year, when “Come Around” was released, it didn’t have Star Boy Records in the credits on digital streaming platforms, and it was distributed by a certain ONErpm instead of the usual Empire.

ONErpm seems to be one distribution company mostly used by upcoming artists who are serious with their music rights. Well, Tolibian of Cute Abiola Entertainment used ONErpm to distribute his viral “Abaya” song.

That says a lot about how Terri has been left alone by Starboy Entertainment.

terri come around

His latest single, “Money” which featured Mohbad and Bella Shmurda didn’t have any sign of Starboy on it, and even though Wizkid reposted him on Social media a couple of times, we already have enough to know that they’re not bound by any contract anymore.

money terri

Also, Terri’s bio now has the email of The Zone Agency, and on at least one occasion, his music has been distributed by The Plug Entertainment, a company owned by Bizzle Osikoya and Davido’s manager, Asa Asika.

All this only points to one fact which is; as of 2021, Terri is no longer a Starboy artist.

Of course, they’re not gonna announce his exit, and why would they? There was no clash and even if there was, it’s best kept a secret.

After all, WizKid is the biggest artist in Africa, and everything Terri has, he got it from Wizkid.

With all these points, the question is

Do You Think Terri Is Still A Starboy Entertainment Act?

Let’s hear from you.

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