LET’s TALK!! Do You Think Tiwa Savage’s Leaked Sextape Scandal Will Destroy Her Career?


Tiwa Leaked Sextape

Do You Think Tiwa Savage’s Leaked Sextape Scandal Will Destroy Her Career? 

Like every other human, celebrities can be gullible, foolish, and are bound to make mistakes.

They are humans too, with blood running in their veins.

Tiwa Savage’s sex tape that she spoke about in an interview some weeks ago has finally been leaked by the person who got hold of it when it was mistakenly posted on Snapchat.

At Tiwa Savage’s level in the music industry, I think she should be the last person to allow for video recording while having sex.

As a celebrity, if you don’t want anything you’re doing behind closed doors be out on social media, keep the camera away while doing them.

The moment there is a picture or video of it, one day it will burst out on social media.

(18+) Tiwa Savage S3xtape Finally Leaks Online (WATCH VIDEO)

Even Rema said it in his song “Woman

Enter the room give me your phone, make dem no go see me for blogs

This sex tape thing is all Tiwa Savage’s fault except it was recorded against her consent but I doubt it.

Can This Sextape Scandal Ruin Her Career?

Tiwa Savage Sextape With Boyfriend Leaks Online

Tiwa Savage has paid a lot of dues in Nigeria’s music industry to become one of the biggest female artistes out of Africa.


It is not certain of this sex tape leak will pose a big threat to his career especially at this point where all her attention is focused on international recognition.

Looking at the way Tiwa Savage handled this matter from the beginning by setting the agenda about the sex tape herself before it got out, I would say that decision helped in two ways.

1. It saves her the stress of paying blackmailers every time

2. It reduces the level at which her family, her fans, and music lovers will be disappointed in her

Imagine the video just popped out unexpectedly, the bad image it would have caused might be irreparable.

Now, everyone already formed an opinion before the video got out and now that it is out, people are just catching cruise instead of expressing disappointment.

In my opinion, this sex tape scandal got nothing on Tiwa Savage, she’s still the beautiful and talented Tiwa that is loved by many.

Guys, what are your thoughts on this

Do You Think Tiwa Leaked Sextape Scandal Will Destroy Her Career?

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