LET’S TALK!! Why Does WandeCoal Keep Dropping Average Songs?


Why Does WandeCoal Keep Dropping Average Songs?

Why Does WandeCoal Keep Dropping Average Songs? 

WandeCoal had that one good song, “Again” during the lockdown, and ever since he’s gone absolutely uncreative, and if we’re being honest, that’s just sad.

I have a theory. WandeCoal is too comfortable, he’s not working towards anything, he’s got nothing to prove, he’s not chasing any achievement, and he just doesn’t want the music bag anymore. Hmm? I don’t think so!

Because if that were true, he wouldn’t have a deal with Empire, and he wouldn’t drop an EP last year with the hopes of making some waves. He also wouldn’t continue to drop songs that won’t get anywhere.

Time and time again, I’ve complained about Wandecoal’s complacency, and how he doesn’t seem to put any effort into the songs he’s making. Sometimes, that works for an artist, but it just won’t work every time, you know.

Since dropping “Again,” it’s either he drops a song that is average or he is featured on something that’s not all that impressive, and this has gone on for far too long somebody has to speak. The songs aren’t necessarily bad—frankly, can Wandecoal

do a bad song?—but they’re nothing to write home about basically.

Okay, why am I saying this now? Well, I just listened to his new song, “Come My Way” and I can’t lie, it’s the same stuff we’ve heard over and over again. Very underwhelming song, man.

For someone that emerged in the late 2000s and quickly became an icon, much more is expected from Wande. I mean, nobody is expecting him to drop stuff that is on the level of “Mushin 2 Mo’hits,” not really. But even 2Baba did a 2020 album that was all right.

WandeCoal should do songs that are at least worth playing abeg. Abi is that too much to ask because it’s WandeCoal?

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