MUSIC REVIEW!! Naira Marley’s “First Time In America” Is Wrong On All Levels, Not Worth The Hype


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Naira Marley’sFirst Time In America” Is Wrong On All Levels, Not Worth The Hype 

Naira Marley continues his streak of un-impressive tracks that only have an inconsistent uptempo groove and nothing more.

The life, the concept, the lyricism continue to go missing in Naira Marley‘s songs, and “First Time in America” is the latest in the rap star’s underwhelming collection.

Coming from “Drug Test,” a song that went under the radar even quicker than most of his short-lived overhyped nonsense, you’d think Naira Marley would at least step up his game a little and try a little dynamism. Nobody wants to hear this fast-paced repetition of lyrics that are just not as catchy as “Soapy” or “Pxta.”

We’ll manage a “Coming” or a “Koleyewon,” because these are not just songs scratching a surface hoping to stick because of Naira Marley’s addictive voice. The concept, the whole idea needs to be something.

I cannot begin to highlight all the things that are wrong with this new jam called “First Time in America.” Where do I start from? Is it the tiring repetition or the unnecessary percussions that have become Rexxie‘s trademark? Maybe this song would be a banger in 2019, but now, no freaking way!

The idea of the song is very simple. It’s so simple the simplicity might even be working against the jam’s credibility. It’s about the global dominance he has achieved since the beginning of his illustrious career. As he mentions countries he’s been to, from America to UK, Jamaica, South Africa among others, you can almost feel the tentative bravado embedded in the “Tesumole

” rapper’s vocals.

The problem is not that he doesn’t have the right idea, no. Maybe he does have the right idea or at least a good one. But what he’s using now is a tired formula. It’s not really different from what he’s done in the past. As a matter of fact, only the artwork of this song is creative, everything else from the beat to the vibe is just off.

But Naira Marley doesn’t care. He does what he likes how he likes it. After all, that’s why half of the people that love him fell in love with him. It’s okay if he wants to make generally underwhelming songs like “First Time in America” and “Drug Test” though. I mean, why not? But little by little, he starts to lose his sauce on the streets, and then what?

It’s been a long time since “Lord of Lamba” and Marley should really be working on giving us an album. Shame if it’s these kinds of songs he’ll load his debut album with though.

Rating: 5/10

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