ALBUM REVIEW!! Is Reekado Banks’ “Off The Record 2” EP Even Worth The Hype?


Is Reekado Banks’ “Off The Record 2” EP Even Worth The Hype?

Is Reekado Banks’ “Off The Record 2” EP Even Worth The Hype? 

Reekado Banks has had a hell of a career so far.

From Mavin wonderboy to controversial Next Rated winner, to independent artist still dropping hits to, well, back to the streets

It’s as though the events of the past have forced Reekado to return back to the basics. With his style, his approach, even his music, sometimes. It’s been good for the guy so far.

His 2020 EP, “Off The Record” has received generally positive to mixed reviews. For a guy who has struggled to get the industry to pay attention to his craft, it was a good one. His last hit, “Rora” was on that project and honestly, that was enough to make it acclaimed.


Well, “Rora” is only his last hit if we don’t count the much recent “Ozumba Mbadiwe.” A song I’ve said embodies his tumultuous experiences, the turbulence, the rise, the fall, the struggle, and the resilience that has kept him going anyway. Now, that is a song.

Lucky for him, “Ozumba Mbadiwe” is doing all right and he could as well use this momentum to put out another project and get more acclaim, or at least make one hit.


Off The Record 2

OTR 2” is not very different from what he did on “Off The Record.”

Cool afro numbers that may either be the next big tune on the streets or just be a pleasure for fans of Reekado, who will play him no matter what, anyway.

Except for “Ozumba Mbadiwe,” the songs don’t exactly sound like they were made at a different time from the songs on the first volume he released in 2020. While that might be a good thing, since Reekado isn’t bad at all, this might also imply that he’s stuck.

For example, the track “Selection” is reminiscent of tracks like “Like” from 2018 thereabouts. Overall, the EP is good if he plans to promote the hell out of the songs on hit and score a hit or two.

But critically, the EP is just average. There is not enough diversity, it is awfully short, there is no clear statement, It’s just there. Perhaps as singles, they’d have done better.

On A Scale Of 1 -10, What Would You Rate “OTR 2”?

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