ALBUM REVIEW!! On A Scale Of 1 – 10, What Would You Rate Phyno’s New Album “Something To Live For”?


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Phyno is a man that needs no introduction in this music industry.

The man came from Enugu and took over the game in 2013, and since, he’s become a don, created viral records, sold some CDs, rocked the airwaves, won awards, and done all sorts. Best believe this is as good as it gets around here, for someone like Phyno.

That’s who he is. Ditched rap time and time again, while everyone was out here blaming him for the death of hip-hop. He’s always been fierce like that. But that fierceness comes from extreme confidence in what he was doing. Now, he’s sitting at the top, calling shots, he’s the Godfather.

That I-am-the-king tone is the tone that sets his crucial fourth solo studio album, “Something To Live For,” which might as well just be a signal to his return to hip-hop music.

“Something To Live For”


Something To Live For” clocks in at almost one hour and has 16 tracks. You gotta admit, it’s nice seeing someone dropping something long enough, in this new age of 10-track, 29-minute albums. It’s only right it’s Phyno.

Point is, the man has a lot of bases to cover. On the one hand, there are his East and South audiences whom he has to impress by doing something close to what he’s been doing all along, that is Igbo rap.


On the other hand, there is his West demographic whom he gotta appeal to by doing lively anthems. Between that and doing a few wedding-day numbers, you have 16 scattered tracks that all have potential. And, this time, you could never guess which one the next single is.

STLF—I’m hoping this catches on—is a good album however you look at it. It’s got instant bangers, got some badass rap content, and a few laidback tunes for the road.

The bottom line is, the diversity Phyno’s fourth studio album “Something to Live For” gives us is something that we have missed in the industry. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Rating: 7/10

On A Scale Of 1 – 10, What Would You Rate STLF?

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