Joeboy’s “Alcohol” Or Omah Lay’s “Free My Mind” — Which Is Your Favorite?


Joeboy’s “Alcohol” Or Omah Lay’s “Free My Mind” — Which Is Your Favourite?

This year, the younglings in the music industry have not failed to impress with their raging anthems and viral tunes.

As a matter of fact, most of the best hits of 2021 have come from young guys, some new, some we’ve known for a while, but all fresh. Well, I’d say that’s an improvement from last year when the big guys had the floor all through.

One of the songs, released recently that have taken over the airwaves and has become sensational is Joeboy’s melancholic tune, “Alcohol” which he released a couple of weeks ago. The song, which has even spurred a viral TikTok challenge has done incredible numbers, and it’s already being touted as a Song of the Year contender.

But unlike so many other recent hits, the appeal of the song seems to come from its lyrical content. The song talks about the worries and troubles of adulthood, and how alcohol

is an escape from worrying and thinking. This seems to resonate with quite a lot of people. And, Joeboy scored a hit.

Not too long ago, Omah Lay also came through with a new single called “Free My Mind” which is very different from Alcohol’s sound, of course, but has similar lyrical content.

Point is, Joeboy’s got a good one, and Omah Lay‘s got one too. The question now is, which one do you prefer. If you had to play just one of them for the rest of the year, which one would it be?

I’ll go first. Mine would be Omah Lay‘sFree My Mind” because it’s got that kind of WizKid vibe.

Let’s hear from you.

Joeboy’s “Alcohol” Or Omah Lay’s “Free My Mind” — Which Is Your Favourite?

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