Why Davido Is Not Just An Artist (MUST READ)


Why Davido Is Not Just An Artist

Nigerian veteran artist, David Adeleke a.k.a. Davido, is currently buzzing on social media

Preceding his 29th birthday on Wednesday, the sweet sensational music pop star turned to Twitter to request his fans to give him one million naira each as he aimed to reach N100 million naira so he could clear his brand new Rolls Royce Cullinan from the port.

However, his initial intention turned out to be a joke as he eventually decided to donate the funds to orphanage homes across the Nigerian federation with an additional #50 million naira from his private wallet.

Undoubtedly, Davido’s humanitarian acts come with sociological and psychological, economic, and political implications. Sociologically, Davido has made a simple revelation that as concerned citizens, we have the character and resilience to turn things around if we wish.

His legacy is a psychological wake-up, a social awareness of planning the right things and getting it implemented to the targeted audience. 250 million nairas to the orphanages across the Nigerian federation is a positive omen that things can get better in the country.

Other patriotic citizens should investigate and target different segments where help is needed and make impacts. If Davido can, we all can. We must start somewhere. We all can make an impact in our little way.

As concerned citizens, it’s high time we set aside the frustrations of the recent disappointment from the government and put on a terrific display of concerted efforts in turning things around for the best in the country.

Davido recognized that there are orphanages in all the 36 states in Nigeria. Considering the complexity and encumbrance nature of the distribution process, he sets up a committee to ensure impartiality, fairness, and equal representation.

Not only that, he plans to ensure the massive participation of the public in the selection and distribution process by revealing the names of the orphanages and the amount given.

It is a recommendable act. It is different from the usual giveaway from celebrities on Instagram. It shows that we can make an impact regardless of the occupation or sector in which we belong and we can methodologically determine our targeted area, audience, and other beneficiaries.


Amidst the cavalcade of economic challenges and political upheavals ravaging the country, Davido has attempted to contribute his quota to national growth and development.

For instance, injecting 250 million into the poverty class has a significant relationship with the economic activities of some whose occupations are artisans, educationists, entrepreneurs, etc. I termed this an almost perfect wealth redistribution strategy.

Politically, Davido has cemented his name in the hearts of many Nigerians and at the same time ridiculed the bourgeois in the country that personal wealth accumulation and aggrandizement cannot help to capture the mind of the people.

Therefore Nigerian politicians should not be surprised if this consequently transmutes Davido into the political arena as a trusted and reliable political influencer in the nearest future. Besides, history has not forgotten his heroics as a political influencer during his uncle’s contest as governor in Osun state.

The central message here is that one need not be a politician to provide the much-needed public goods for the citizens.

Or put simply, you could show love, kindness, and compassion to people no matter where you are or your profession. Be it politicians, musicians or artists, or lecturers, we all have to join hands together to make Nigeria a better country.

Remember the slogan, together we stand, divided we fall. Let’s emulate these heroics from Davido. He’s not just an artist, he’s a prove that superheroes don’t only exist in comic books, they live in the real world too.

We rise by lifting others!!!

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Written by

Isiaq A.A Ph.D
Dr. Theorist Ologo
First Lecturer Hip Hop Artist In Africa
Writing From The University Of Ilorin.

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