DO YOU KNOW?? The Meaning of Zazoo Zehh!!


The Meaning of Zazoo Zehh!!

In response to our most active users’ request, we found the meaning of Zazuu Zeh. 

Zazuu Zeh was brought up by the singer – Portable, who was a fast-rising Nigerian street hitmaker, also known as Omolalomi aka son of Shaku Shaku a.k.a Yaromaiswag a k.a Street Problem, a.k.a Wahala Musician.

By the release of the song, Zazoo Zehh with popular dancer, Poco Lee and the YBNL Nation evergreen Nigerian legendary rapper and singer, Olamide, Portable is now a prolific singer in his country.

As of record, Portable who is 27 years old of age, is a father of 1 son, hails from Ogun State, while his real names are ‘Habeeb Okikiola’.


Let’s roll

Zazoo Zeh means Calm Down

It wasn’t an easy journey for him on the street, once accused of stealing but he didn’t up.

Portable was introduced to Olamide by Poco Lee who showed him a video of him and immediately, Olamide picked interest and called up to make a song the next day.

The Meaning of Zazu Zehh

You must be wondering what the new slangs we are all vibing to mean. Zazuu Zeh means Calm Down

When you hear Zazoo, say Zehh!! 😂

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