Fireboy’s “Apollo” Is An Underrated Album — Do You Agree?


Fireboy’s “Apollo” Is An Underrated Album

A look at Fireboy’s numbers on YouTube reveals one simple thing: people slept on “Apollo.” 

After such an impressive debut album, you’d think people would at least pay attention to what he had to offer next. Turns out, not everybody did.

But “Apollo” wasn’t all that bad. In fact, after a smash like “Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps,” what Fireboy did with his sophomore is some work. And to think, he didn’t really have long to do the album (due to no fault of ours, of course).

Apollo,” of course came at a time there were a lot of buzzworthy projects, and it was consequently overshadowed by others that people liked better. Maybe.

Maybe that’s what happened to the album. Because it has far fewer hits than Fireboy’s first, and there are some songs on the album that sound brand new when you hear them now because nobody was really talking about them or anything.

Apollo,” unlike his debut, though, is more diverse. It has genre-bending sounds and is a complete shift from the kind of stuff LTG brought. Also, Fireboy

wasn’t new anymore, so there was no bandwagon. Either you like the album or you don’t.

Many people were quick to judge the album in the weeks after it dropped, and the general verdict seemed to be although it is a good album, it is not as good as his first album and that, to most people, is a disappointment.

But more than a year after, listening to “Apollo,” you realize maybe that judgment was too harsh after all. There are some worthy bops here, and some classic tunes there.

The album shouldn’t have gone under the radar as it did. In a fairer world maybe, “Apollo” would be Fireboy’s sophomore magnum opus that stamped his claim as the next best thing after sliced bread.

Let’s hear from you.

Do You Agree That Fireboy’s “Apollo” Is An Underrated Album?

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