LET’S TALK!! Be Honest Between Portable And Poco Lee Who’s At Fault? (See What Happened)


Be Honest Between Portable And Poco Lee Who’s At Fault?

Be Honest Between Portable And Poco Lee Who’s At Fault? 

Trending singer Portable, popularly known as Zazoo, has called out the prolific dancer and hypeman Poco Lee over claims that the dancer hijacked his song.

It will be recalled that Portable recently came into the limelight after he was introduced to Ace rapper Olamide by Poco Lee to make a song titled ‘ZaZoo Zehh‘, a song that has racked up over three million streams on audio-mack since its release and has easily become one of the buzzing songs for the festive season.

Upon the release of the song on the 14th of December 2021, it indicated Poco Lee as the original owner of the song, indicating Portable and Olamide as featured acts.

Reacting to that, Portable recounts how he was sprayed approximately $3,000 by Wizkid in a just-concluded concert in Lagos state, but he only received $600 of which Poco Lee kept the rest of the money for himself.


In my opinion, wetin Poco Lee does no good even though Portable overreacted and shouldn’t have posted the matter on social media, as it could affect his career negatively.


Yes, Poco Lee introduced him to Olamide, good and fine, but that does not mean he should be used and cheated on.

Poco Lee shouldn’t have claimed the song ownership. If anyone is to claim the ‘ZaZoo Zehh’, song, that should be Olamide, not Poco Lee.

Yes Portable overreacted, but you and I know that he is just a hungry upcoming artiste from the street, so we shouldn’t be surprised that he called Poco Lee out over $3K. The young man probably hasn’t seen or touched such an amount of money all his career. Do you get the point now?

Well, hopefully, they will settle their differences amicably and keep the fire burning.

Before I drop the pen, I’d like to say something. “When helping someone, be selfless”. That’s all I can say.

Guys, what’s your take on this?

Be Honest Between Portable And Poco Lee Who’s At Fault?

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