LET’s TALK!!! Is Brymo Really Underrated?


Is Brymo Really Underrated?

Is Brymo Really Underrated? 

Music is many things to different people. To some, music is inspirational, refreshing, educative, while to the larger crowd, it’s all about partying.

While some musicians gain massive follower-ship and cash in on their trade, some others are yet to ‘blow’ even with the fantastic music they churn out.

Undeniably, Brymo is one of the most confident Nigerian musicians you will come across.

He once bragged that his album is the best out of Africa. On several occasions, the singer has blown his trumpet and also defended why he did so.

AT the mention of the name “ASA” a lot of people are always quick to give respect to her even as she is not like social media inclined as Brymo.

Recently, during a Twitter squabble with fans, the singer had time to respond to those who felt he had a lot of ego that needed some talking down.


It annoys me that this guy is not getting any attention. He is by far one of the most talented people in the industry.

But what is really wrong with the type of song Brymo sings? He is in almost the same genre as Asa, Adele, Johnny Drille, Ric Hasanni, and co but he never gets half the attention they get despite appearing to be more professional at it than them. –

What could be wrong?, Could he be missing some touches? or is he not really meant to get a musical career?

It’s really puzzling how people get to listen to all sorts of trash music and a guy like him almost never gets to be heard.

So, Guys, the question here is

Is Brymo Really Underrated?

Let’s have your sincere say on this

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