MUSIC REVIEW!! Harrysong Teams Up With The YBNL Boys On “She Knows,” But Was It A Success?


Harrysong Ft Olamide & Fireboy DML – She Knows mp3 

Harrysong Teams Up With The YBNL Boys On “She Knows,” But Was It A Success? 

The rationale behind a Harrysong, Fireboy, and Olamide collaboration is pretty hard to understand, I must admit.

Harrysong and Olamide, I’d understand. They can both get on a highlife tune and do something reminiscent of the old days. Totally understandable.

Harrysong and Fireboy, I could still see it. Why not? Fireboy could pull in one fire hook, Harrysong does some all right verses, and we’d call it a day. Still very understandable.

But, Harrysong, Fireboy, and Olamide? What on God’s green earth are they trying to do?

The vibes are not only conflicting, but with Olamide being in his pop star phase, and Fireboy experimenting, it means there’d hardly be any form symphony with an idiosyncratic like Harrysong?

It’s simply just weird, but could they pull something impressive off? Are they capable of turning this totally weird summit into an iconic moment?

“She Knows”

I must also say, it’s pretty cool seeing Fireboy delivering a flow that only guys like PSquare could do back in the day.

He had no trouble cooking up a chorus, and a first verse that would set the tone of the song as a mellow laid-back afro bop that could easily become a hit.


Harrysong was completely unrecognizable. The man doesn’t seem to get old. Not his voice anyway. While Harrysong has not been in the mainstream in a while, the man hasn’t stopped working. A while ago, he did an album and it was very okay. His performance was equally all right.

Olamide, who went last, as expected, delivered a verse that is just like what he’s been on about for the past one year and a half or so.

Their syncopation wasn’t as bad as you’d expect. I wouldn’t say they should all form a band together or anything, but it wasn’t all bad.

They gave one another breathing space and did what they had to do. I don’t see any other three very different artists doing it better, honestly.

Rating: 6/10

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