OPINION!! Fireboy Featuring Ed Sheeran On “Peru Remix” Is A Complete Thrash (See Why)


Fireboy Featuring Ed Sheeran On “Peru Remix” Is A Complete Thrash

Fireboy Featuring Ed Sheeran On “Peru Remix” Is A Complete Thrash 

Finally, Nigerian singer Fireboy DML features British singer Ed Sheeran on the official “Peru (Remix)“.

The original version of the song was an instant hit and Ed Sheeran loved it so much he wanted to be on the Remix – anybody will definitely want to jump on a jam like that.

The news of the collaboration generated a lot of buzz on social media, 47xclusive, and on other Nigerian blogs.

Enough of the talk, let’s get down to business really quick

In my personal opinion, I think the remix is a total thrash and not necessary. First off, the word Peru has no meaning, secondly, Ed Sheeran’s verse was literally different and unrelated.

I understand that you all might not want to agree with this on this but you all should just calm down and wait let me finish before you start attacking me. I know you guys will break bottle on this post.

Now, let me dissect it so you all can understand better.

Ed Sheeran’s Verse

Pour out the bottle I want a leveler
When I’m with you I never enough
Slow whine I’m not in a rush
I can hear music when you’re here
Tonight we rolling, party til closing
Since I put the ring on her finger it’s still frozen
Love in slow motion,
I wanna feel you over me yeah
Something magic in your eyes (yeah)
Girl, I love the way you ride it
And it happens every time you arrive, that rights
Girl, I want you in my life (yeah)
If there’s a heaven then it’s right here
I will never leave your side, stay tonight
When ya wanna see me, when you wanna see me
I’m in West London this evening
Giving me feelings, no I’m not leaving
Until I fly LA next weekend
Peru, nah, girl I’d rather go find somewhere quiet
You’ll glow, and I’ll get lost here in your eyes


Ed Sheeran verse was not related to the Song

Ed Sheeran didn’t make any sense on that song. The original “Peru” wasn’t about women, so I don’t understand the relationship between “Girl I want you in my life” in Ed’s verse.

I have listened to the song more than 40 times, I actually like it a jam and I know most of you will like it also because the guy literally owned the song as he gave Fireboy a tough time right on his own song.

Well, I have a question for you all

Fireboy Featuring Ed Sheeran’s “Peru Remix” Is A Complete Thrash – DO YOU AGREE?

Let’s hear from your all.

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