DO YOU AGREE? Kogbagidi Is Unfit To Promote/Manage Portable (See Why)


Kogbagidi Is Unfit To Promote/Manage Portable

Kogbagidi Is Unfit To Promote/Manage Portable 

According to a recent report, the fast-rising Nigerian singer and Zazu crooner Portable has once again traded words with popular show promoter, Kogbagidi, in a viral video.

In the clip making the rounds online, Portable was seen confronting Kogbagidi with a baseball bat and claiming he is being used.

Also in the video, Portable demanded his car from the promoter and asked if he was the one who bought it for him.

In the clip, some guys surrounded Portable as they tried to calm him down. One of them was eventually able to collect the baseball bat from his hand as they convinced him to get into the car with Kogbagidi.


Kogbagidi is a terrible promoter and unfit to manage Portable in my opinion, after a critical thought and analysis.

Like seriously portable is right in some aspect. To me, it really looks as if t hey’re using him.


According to the recent videos, portable was angry and claiming he does give his boss money and all that… so I don’t think they should deprive him of his rights just because he’s not educated.

Was Portable signed to them? NO

It’s better Portable speak up early about all that is going on else he will be loyal and silent till he goes back home with nothing if he doesn’t make the waves in the Industry anymore.

Portable needs good, mature, and experienced management that can manage him! He needs someone to bring him up, educate him, teach him about the business aspect of music, caution him off drugs and restrict most of his social media posts.

He needs a manager to freshen him up and really put him through. Kogbagidi cannot do these. I don’t think he has managed any musician before

Kogbagidi Is Unfit To Promote/Manage Portable – DO YOU AGREE?

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