LET’S TALK!! What If Tems Is Truly Pregnant For Wizkid? (SEE THIS)


What If Tems Is Truly Pregnant For Wizkid?

What If Tems Is Truly Pregnant For Wizkid

Well, Tems is trending again and this time it’s not because of her strides on the Billboard or an impending Grammy Award.

Instead, what has brought Tems name up once again is a rumor that she might be pregnant for Wizkid.

While just a rumor—and most likely to be false—, a lot of blogs have picked it up and people are now talking about it.

It is worthy of note that there is no credible source for this piece of information.

However, hypothetically, if Tems is carrying Wizkid‘s fourth child, how will it change anything? What will it change? What happens when that information comes to light?

What Happens If Tems Is Pregnant For Wizkid?

1. Wizkid Will Be Okay

Naturally, people’s private lives are nobody’s business, but because Wizkid is a public figure, there is no doubt that such news, if confirmed, will make rounds in the entertainment industry.

For weeks, it might be the subject of controversy and so many people will weigh in on it

But nothing will happen to Wizkid. I mean, the short man has three sons now from three different women and no one seems to care about that.

If Tems has his child, it’s not going to do anything to him. He’ll still go on to win his Grammy, make more music, and eat suya.

2. People Will Blame Tems

It’s not a new thing for the woman to take the fall when things like this happen.


If Tems is pregnant for WizKid, it’s obviously a slip up because at the moment, Wizkid seems to be in a relationship with Jada Pollock, the mother of his youngest boy, Zion. The word on the streets is that they’re gonna be married, in fact.

Now imagine Tems is somehow pregnant and WizKid is responsible, there’s no doubt that most of the heat will fall on Tems.

While I can’t say it would have any effect on her career, it will most likely take a toll on her.

3. The World Will Move On And We’ll All Forget About It

Okay in this scenario, what’s the worst that could happen really? Wizkid got Tems pregnant, so what? That ain’t new. The only thing that means is at some point they were having sexual relations. That also isn’t new.

For what it’s worth, Tems is 26, Wizkid is 31, and believe me, while some people will talk about it for weeks, after a while, it just dies down.

The world will move on to another hot topic. And, that’s all!

Do You Think Tems Can Be Truly Pregnant For Wizkid Or It’s Just A Senseless Rumor?

Let’s hear from you.

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