MUSIC REVIEW!! Is Adekunle Gold’s “Mercy” Going To Be The First Hit Of 2022?


Is Adekunle Gold’s “Mercy” Going To Be The First Hit Of 2022?

Is Adekunle Gold’sMercy” Going To Be The First Hit Of 2022? 

Since his emergence, Adekunle Gold has been one of the most consistent artists in the industry, no doubt.

He’s not just the kind that has one or two good songs a year and disappears, no. He’s this guy that continues to try, to create new things until he hits the spot.

And, because of his hard work, he has hit the spot more than a couple of times. Already, he has three albums, and for someone whose first album came in 2016, that’s at least one album more than most of his peers.

Adekunle Gold started as an R&B/pop artist under Olamide‘s YBNL, releasing his debut, “GOLD” to positive critical acclaim. Then he pivoted immediately after, going alternative, and forming a band. He experimented with the alternative style, ultimately releasing “About 30” in 2018.

Then, 2020 came and Adekunle Gold had completely changed. He had gone back to his pop roots and even gone deeper. His album, “Afro Pop Vol. 1” was one of 2020’s better projects, in all honesty.

But he’s not slowing down at all. Last year, he put out a couple of hits (“Sinner,” “High”), and announced that his fourth album was on the way. In a few weeks from now, we’ll be jamming his album already.

The forthcoming album called “Catch Me If You Can” will house hits like “Sinner” and “High,” and his much recent single, “Mercy” which should be taken as a sneak peek of what to expect from the album. Is “Mercy

” good enough though to be another of Adekunle’s top-notch hits?



The new single, “Mercy” is instantly reminiscent of Adekunle Gold‘s “Afro Pop Vol. 1” era. The track has an afro-dancehall mashup beat that resembles that of “AG Baby.” Like “AG Baby,” it also has some dispensable vocals from his wife, Simi who must have engineered the song.

“Mercy” is not a new Adekunle in any way. It has the same vibe we’ve heard for some two years straight. It just signals that the maestro is getting comfortable in his afro-pop skin.

The song, unlike some of his recent songs, is not about a woman, or should I say, is not for a woman? The song, in its content, is like “Okay,” where Bad Boy Deks just talks about enemies and fake love. This is returning to the tradition of serious content he was known for back around ’16 and ’18.

All in all, “Mercy” is not a bad one, although I doubt that will matter by the time he drops his album. This is most likely the last single before the album release, and no, it won’t surpass “High” or “Sinner,” in terms of commercial success, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a good song, right?

Rating: 7/10

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