MUSIC REVIEW!! Is Portable’s New Song, “Ogo Forever” A Worthy Follow-up To Zazoo?


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Is Portable’s New Song, “Ogo Forever” A Worthy Follow-up To Zazoo? 

Portable’s rise to fame has been, to say the least, highly unprecedented.

People don’t blow up that way anymore. But it worked for Portable because the streets were feeling him.

“Zazoo” was an instant smash due to a couple of factors. Factors that include Olamide‘s involvement in the single and the controversies that followed the release.

Let’s just say Portable kept us entertained last December. But for many artists, that’s usually how far it goes. Especially artists like Portable that don’t already have a solid foundation in the industry. I mean, has Portable ever even recorded a real song before “Zazoo”? These are the issues.

It’s why nobody’s exactly banking on Portable‘s becoming a huge star or a mainstream revelation this year. But will Portable prove us all wrong and continue to remain relevant even in a year that’s expected to be as competitive as 2022? That remains to be seen.

“Ogo Forever”

The new song, “Ogo Forever” is an afro-pop tune that mirrors most of the more mellow bangers on the streets of Lagos. It’s a street motivation song, and while it has no message it’s passing in particular, Portable is able to establish two things.

One is that he is up to this. With a little consistency, based on what he’s done on “Ogo Forever,” there’s really no telling how good or huge he can become. It’s like Small Doctor back in the day. Small Doctor had the wave for a while and he knew he had the sauce to hold it down, so he did. With consistency and hard work. There’s no reason that can’t be Portable


Two is that he knows the streets. I imagine that this song is going to be somewhat a collective effort from his management, but still, the fact that this is his follow-up to a more brash “Zazoo” says a lot.

Already, the “Zazoo” wave is fading. This is Portable’s time to step up and show that he’s got what it takes. “Ogo Forever,” surprisingly isn’t that bad. Not a bad start for a guy we had no hopes for. We’ll see how far he can take it.

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Rating: 6/10

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