MUSIC REVIEW!! Portable’s “Zazoo” With Olamide And Poco Lee, A Revival For The Streets?


Portable’s “Zazoo” With Olamide And Poco Lee, A Revival For The Streets?

Portable’s “Zazoo” With Olamide And Poco Lee, A Revival For The Streets? 

Portable’s “Zazoo” track is already the biggest thing on the streets and nothing is gonna change that.

But most people are fascinated by the whole story behind the song more than the song itself. Rightfully so; the story is truly fascinating. Song’s hot on the streets, Poco Lee hears it, introduces to Olamide, boom, it’s a hit. That’s quite simple.

Then there’s the brouhaha that followed and all that, just sort of took the attention away from the song.

But what is this song, really? What is “Zazoo” and what’s all the fuss about? Why should anyone care to even listen? Is it just another trash that the streets are pushing?

Portable — Zazoo Ft. Poco Lee, Olamide 

The “Zazoo” track is unsurprisingly brash. It feels rushed. It feels raw. Maybe too raw? There wasn’t exactly enough time between when Olamide was put on, and when the track came out finished.

Well, maybe not finished, but that was it, that was all we were gonna get ever. There isn’t going to be a “Zazoo” remix, nah. This is all the Zazoo there ever is gonna be.

So what’s the composition of the song? Well, it’s a track produced by P Priime, which I must say is surpris ing, given that Priime has always focused on mellow vibes and amapiano in the past. Well, Priime did do a good job putting the percussion together and keeping the tempo stable.


The track starts and in comes Poco Lee doing an intro, shouting out Olamide and of course, Portable, who seems to not know that he owns the song and not Poco.

Then Olamide delivers an electrifying calm big-man verse that all but confirms Olamide’s return to the streets. Some people will swear the verse is the only good thing about the song, while some will say the whole thing is trash.

Well, I say not really. There is just something about Nigerian street-hop music, right? You either like it enough to wanna jump up on your feet and do some crazy dances to it, or you hate it enough you don’t ever wanna hear it play again (chances are you’ll still hear it play though).

“Zazoo” has split the industry. It is as though the industry has moved on and almost forgotten that the streets even exist, and “Zazoo” has now taken every one of us by surprise.

But the streets didn’t go anywhere. Once in a while, there’s a reminder of that. The streets aren’t going anywhere and today that street is screaming “Zazoo,” all thanks to Portable, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

As for the song, it’s just a vibe. Nothing more.

Rating: 6/10

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