ALBUM REVIEW!! Portable’s EP, ”Zazuu Zeh” — A Hit Or Complete Trash?


Portable’s EP, ”Zazuu Zeh” — A Hit Or Complete Trash?

Portable’s rise has been, to say the least, highly unprecedented.

People just don’t blow up that way anymore. But it worked for Portable because the streets were feeling him.

“Zazoo” was an instant smash due to a couple of factors. Factors that include Olamide’s involvement in the single and the controversies that followed the release.

Let’s just say Portable kept us entertained last December. But for many artists, that’s usually how far it goes. Especially artists like Portable that don’t already have a solid foundation in the industry. I mean, did Portable ever even record a real song bef ore “Zazoo”? These are the issues.


It’s why nobody was exactly banking on Portable’s becoming a huge star or a mainstream revelation this year. Best case scenario, Portable puts out some music, gets another hit, and continues to remain relevant even in a year that is as competitive as 2022. Worst case? He drops an EP and it flops hard.

“Zazuu Zeh” EP

I’m afraid to be the carrier of bad news but it would appear that the worst-case scenario has come to pass as it concerns Portable.

Firstly, there’s gotta be a problem with how quickly he was able to cook up a 6-track EP. I mean, Don Jazzy locks up his guys for a year or more to create projects like that and here we have a guy from the streets thinking he can pull it off in the shortest possible time? Maybe he’ll surprise us was the optimistic line of thought, but anyone who thought that was sure to be disappointed after listening to the EP.

The problem with the EP isn’t exactly Portable; he doesn’t exactly know what he’s doing. But his management is supposed to know what they’re doing, right? Well, I thought so too. Now, it seems as though they don’t have any clue.

The EP is not just weak and unimpressive, its lackluster production and lack of direction are gonna hurt Portable’s credibility badly.

I’m not going to go into a deep dive into the EP honestly, because it’s definitely not worth the effort at all. I’m going to close off by saying this is either writing on the wall for the “Zazoo” singer, or it just might be the end of the road for him.

Let’s hear what you think guys!!

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