DO YOU AGREE?? IDG By Asa And Wizkid Is Trash


IDG By Asa And Wizkid Is Trash 

So Asa recently released an Album and she featured Wizkid in the song, “IDG”. 

If we are being honest, the song is wack and it lacks Champion qualities.

What we got wasn’t what I and many expected from the two great singers – Asa and Wizkid.

With the way the song is being aggressively hyped on social media, one would expect it to sound better and be bigger than Essence, which will obviously be retaining its title as the biggest song in Africa.

Words to describe IDG are; Trash, Wack, A big Disappointment.



The flow of the song was a major turn-off. What’s with the constant “Yeah Yeah” by Wizkid?

There are some songs that you don’t like at first, but after a second listen, you warm up to them, and by the third listen, you’re humming them, but IDG had me switching to the next song by the fourth listen.

What about you?

IDG By Asa And Wizkid Is Trash? – DO YOU AGREE

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